by Eric Kao, Music Director

As Musical Director of the Sierra High Notes, I graciously welcome you to our website supported with memories of past performances and announcements of future rehearsals and concerts. This community choir is open to all singing levels and ages with the warm invitation to attend any of our rehearsals and become acquainted with us. This group sings a range of popular music from the 1960’s to the 2000’s, genres from country to patriotic to Broadway, and plentiful Holiday songs to cheer. Each individual singer voluntarily comes into rehearsal with the simple end goals to learn exciting choral music and to have a fun night. We encompass our repertoire to two concerts a year, one in December and one in July, with many outreach gigs serving the veterans, the seniors, and the non-profits. I sincerely hope you reach out to us either by email, through social media, or visiting one of our rehearsals to receive more information as we continue to flourish as the recognized choir for sharing the gift of song.

Our Next Concert!

With special guest Emcee, Naomi Duerr, assistant mayor for the City of Reno

This year’s Holiday Concert celebrates many cultures in several languages. So bring the entire family and kick of this Holiday season with us!


The Sierra High Notes is partnering with GotSneakers? to recycle unwanted sneakers to keep them out of landfills. We will take all sneakers no matter the condition. Proceeds go to the SHN.
First collection day is August 23rd, at 6pm, at the LDS Church at 2505 King’s Row, just before our rehearsal!

Stay tuned for more collection locations and dates.

🎵 Joining the Sierra High Notes 🎵

Hi Friends,

     While we do shows in two seasons, you can join the Sierra High Notes whenever you want. You do not need to audition and you do not need to read music (but it helps!).  Truly, you can join at any time, however we won’t let you perform if you aren’t up to a certain level. That’s our Music Director’s call so don’t ask me to elaborate, except to say we won’t let anyone perform if they aren’t prepared enough.

     We are a community chorus so the only real obligations are to pay the seasonal dues and participate. Dues are $75.00 each season and they help offset administrative costs. Our seasons are August 1 to January 31 and Feb 1 to July 31. Hopefully everyone will help out at fundraising time to help keep the dues lower. If you are interested, stop by our rehearsal location on Wednesdays at 7pm. Be sure to check the calendar for the correct location! Or contact us through the website.

SHN on TV!

Singers from the Sierra High Notes were recently on KOLO TV 8 on Morning Break with Katey Roshetko pushing our performance for Artown. A small group of our Board of Directors sang our Salute to the Armed Forces. Click here to watch. Performing were: Music Director Eric Kao, President Kevin Craik, Treasurer Kristie Cobb, Board Members Terisa Carter and Larry Horning,


Needed: Sponsors, Partners, and Donations!

Let’s face it, nonprofit groups require money to grow. The usual way is to apply for grants, but unless you have a good grant-writer, your chances of getting even a small amount of funding is minimal.

We need donations! And we need to partner with local businesses and community groups. Through our website and social media outlets, we can advertise for you while you help cover our costs and needs of operation. It is a simple arrangement with the potential to help both parties.

If you are interested or would like to discuss this further, please contact us.