A Huge Thank You!

Everyone knows that the Covid shutdown hurt just about every business. Nonprofit groups mat have been hurt even more as the grant process got stopped and altered. So it has been with the Sierra High Notes. We had enough money to do Artown but our future has been in doubt.

We contacted the National Auto Museum about partnering on a joint community service effort for Christmas. Things were moving forward and the Sierra High Notes were going to have a place to sing for Christmas. Then the unthinkable happened. Issues caused the program to be cancelled and suddenly we had no venue to perform.

We continued to discuss this with the Auto Museum and they decided to host our concert.  WooHoo! So, with many thanks to the National Auto Museum, the Sierra High Notes gave a Christmas Concert on Sunday December 19th at 2pm.  Titled simply, Concert at the Museum, we performed in the auditorium in the Museum. It is a nice facility that seats about 157.

So if you need a small auditorium, please think about the National Auto Museum.

SHN at the Balloon Races 2019

Thank you to everyone who came out to support us at the Great Reno Balloon Race. As always the balloons are beautiful. We hope the crowd liked our selections. It’s often difficult to judge the crowd because so much is going on. Afterall we are just the cream filling between the Dawn Patrol and the Mass Ascension.

Thank you to Eric Kao, Debbie Bero, and Kevin Craik for the pictures.

Dawn Patrol – All Aglow
Dawn Patrol “The Glow Show”
Members of the Sierra High Notes
L to R Eric Kao our Accompanist, Ron Smith our Narrator (and the voice of the Great Reno Balloon Race), and Music Director Sharon Eyre