If you would like to sing with us, you can always come to one of your rehearsals. Check the calendar as the location does sometimes move around. We normally rehearse at the Faith Lutheran Church, 2075 West 7th Street in Reno (89503)

Our Longest Time Partner

Rehearsals are on Wednesdays from 7pm – 9pm although we often run over. You do not need to read music but it does help. We also have tools to assist you. We record most rehearsals so you can work with the video replay of the rehearsal to help learn. We might also have audio recordings of the music for you to sing with as a practice tool.

There is one additional requirement:  All singers pay dues of $75.00 per season. We have two seasons: Spring-Summer which just ended; And our Autumn-Holiday season that we are about to begin. This revenue helps offset the costs of doing business as well as qualifying the person to vote within the nonprofit corporation that runs the Sierra High Notes.

We Need Sponsors and Partners!

Let’s face it, nonprofit groups require money to grow. The usual way is to apply for grants, but unless you have a good grant-writer, your chances of getting even a small amount of funding is minimal.

With the pandemic still struggling to hang on, our next best option is to partner with local businesses and community groups. Through our website and social media outlets, we can advertise for you while you help cover our costs and needs of operation. It is a simple arrangement with the potential to help both parties.

If you are interested or would like to discuss this further, please contact us.

New Address for us!

Prior to the pandemic we eliminated our office at the McKinley Arts Center. This means we have a new mailing address. It is:

Sierra High Notes

P. O. Box 5476

Reno, NV 89513

Our phone number is: (775) 393-9789

our email is still the same: