The Sierra High Notes (also called SHN) collects personal information in the course of normal business routines. We believe that everyone has a reasonable expectation of security. The SHN is dedicated to keeping your personal information as secure as possible and has created this Policy and Procedure.

What Personal Information Do We Collect?

We maintain a simple database of members, supporters, and vendors with information such as name, address, telephone, and email. Sensitive information will only be requested when required by the nature of the situation such as for a 1099 form as required by the Internal Revenue Service.

There may be times when a transaction is handled by a third party vendor such as a website coordinator or financial payment portal. In these cases, the third party vendor’s privacy policy will be in force. It is the individual’s responsibility to determine if the third party vendor meets or exceeds their privacy needs.  If it does not, the individual may contact the business office of the SHN to arrange for a more suitable situation.

How Do We Collect It?

In most cases, information collected will be requested from the individual. We will store email addresses automatically unless told otherwise. In cases of group email, we will do our best to protect your address by sending mails as “blind copies” so the only address seen is yours, the recipient. If your email will not accept the blind copy because it thinks it is spam, we will resend the email as an individual piece.

   If an individual does not wish to share their information, the SHN will continue the relationship noting that the individual may not receive any information or benefits and bares a greater responsibility to obtain that information or benefit.

Why Do We Collect It & How Is It Used?

The information collected is used exclusively for the internal business needs of the SHN. It is primarily contact information for communication with members and staff. Other information is used for dues, donations or other transaction where that information is deemed appropropriate and necessary.

Who Has Access to the Information?

Except where in the purview of a third party vendor, all information is to be used exclusively by the Executive Officers, Board Members, and their designated agents for the business activities of the SHN.

Do We Share the Information We Collect?

It is the policy of the SHN to not share any information with anyone outside of the organization with the exception of those professional persons hired by the SHN to represent the SHN in litigation, reporting, or legal capacity.  In these cases, there is an implied vendor/client confidentiality.

    All members and staff of the SHN will be made aware that by being a part of this organization, their name, likeness, voice, and performances may be used by the SHN for the purpose of publicity and legacy recordings.

How Long Do We Keep the Information?

Personal and financial information collected will be held by the SHN for ten (10) calendar years from the end of the fiscal year unless required by law or litigation.  All files will be disposed of in the most economically efficient method available. Legacy documents such as old programs, photographs, Meeting Minutes, and recordings will be stored indefinitely  

Additional Thoughts

Because we will and must use third party vendors, in the event somebody does not receive a proper record of a transaction, he or she may contact the Business Office and the Officers will do all in their power to provide a proper acknowledgement of the transaction.

In the event that personal information not requested is sent to the Sierra High Notes, the SHN will contact the affected individual(s) to advise them of the breech and then take action to remove and erase all information that is inappropriate.

The Sierra High Notes will take steps in insure a measure of security with its website and other social media outlets.