Coronavirus Protocols – One week later!

From Kevin J Craik, President

At last weeks practice we began spraying disinfectant on all chairs before and after our practice, provided lots of hand sanitizer and kleenex, and asked anyone who was feeling sick to abstain from coming to our practice. I believe we did a very good job as a team restricting any transmission of any viruses. Of course, we can always do better.

This week however the LDS leadership has closed down most of their events and our use of their space currently has gone away as well. At an emergence meeting of our Board, we decided to hold our practice at the home of Nedra Ripley. We would divide the group in half doing the ladies in one section and the men in the other. We will also spend about 10 minutes on each of the ensembles so folks can record their parts to start learning. We will employ the same protocols of cleaning and disinfecting with a stronger warning that if you feel sick or you are at an extreme risk of virus transmission, please stay home.

Then today, Sunday March 15th, it was reported that there are 5 new cases of the Covid-19 virus. In one report the virus doubled here in Reno. I am not sure what the future holds but it appears to be headed down a dark path. I expect this Wednesday will be our last practice as a group for a while. If you come, please bring a recording device to record your parts or ask someone else to get them and share them if you cannot come. Ensemble groups, this is your only chance to get your parts recorded. Do your best to get your music. I’ll have copies of our contact list available if you choose to get together in small sections to practice.

Then, as this crisis lifts, I want the Sierra High Notes to be ready to do Outreach programs right away. Our community with have been shut in for too long and our mission speaks to those in need. It will be our chance to shine and bring light back into the lives of the people of Reno. Until then, please be safe. Take every precaution you can. Ask for help if you need it. Our group is a second family for us all, and family always takes care of it own.

New Address for us!

In an effort to cut costs, we have eliminated our office at the McKinley Arts Center. This makes the cash flow easier in years when we don’t get enough grants. It also gives us more options when we are successful in fundraising.

This means we have a new mailing address. It is:

P.O.Box 5476

Reno, NV 89513

Our phone number which changed a few months ago is: 775-393-9789

SHN at the Balloon Races 2019

Thank you to everyone who came out to support us at the Great Reno Balloon Race. As always the balloons are beautiful. We hope the crowd liked our selections. It’s often difficult to judge the crowd because so much is going on. Afterall we are just the cream filling between the Dawn Patrol and the Mass Ascension.

Thank you to Eric Kao, Debbie Bero, and Kevin Craik for the pictures.

Dawn Patrol – All Aglow
Dawn Patrol “The Glow Show”
Members of the Sierra High Notes
L to R Eric Kao our Accompanist, Ron Smith our Narrator (and the voice of the Great Reno Balloon Race), and Music Director Sharon Eyre

Another Garage Sale Fundraiser

All Proceeds go to the Sierra High Notes!

Well it seems there was enough stuff left over plus a few others wanting to donate that a few of our members decided we needed a sequel to our First Annual Garage Sale Fundraiser. This Saturday August 24, on the corner of Seventh and Ibis streets in Reno, there will be another Garage Sale to benefit the Sierra High Notes