Thank You

Last week we held our annual Christmas concert and fundraiser at the McKinley Arts Center and based on the surveys and money raised, we are on the right track and growing. We tried a few new things along with the raffle and program and it all seemed to be successful. Now the challenge is to grow a little more.

We also announced our spring offering which  will be titled “Cheers For 50 Years.”   That’s right, 50 years.  When we did the name change we discovered that the Secretary of State’s office identifies our date of becoming a nonprofit organization as December 31, 1968.  New year’s Eve will be the 50th Anniversary of the date.  So I’m asking all of our supporters to give us a shout out here and on Facebook. Let us know who you are and where you are so that we can make our next event even bigger and better than ever before. Are you ready?

Christmas Fundraising

    Once again the Christmas Season is upon us and so it is time for our annual Christmas Concert and Fundraiser event.  We will be performing at the McKinley Arts Center again on December 8th and 9th.

    This also means that our fundraising efforts are getting revved up. There are several ways to help support the Sierra High Notes. Businesses can donate items to our Raffle. Hopefully you pick up a customer or two. A second option for businesses is to simply donate. As a thank you for donations, we will place your logo on our website and Facebook pages. Depending on the size of your donation, you might also get a return link from our sites back to your website. It’s our way to show our appreciation for your support.

    Individuals can also donate items to our Raffle and of course do the same simple donation. You will also get your name shown on both our website and Facebook pages.

    Donations can be made in several ways. First we have our donation page on our website at This option does route through PayPal. Or you can contact us via phone or email. We will come to you! Or the tried and true “check in the mail”. Please send it to:

     Sierra High Notes

     McKinley Arts Center

     925 Riverside Drive

     Reno, NV 89503

    Or bring your donation in person and enjoy the show.  This year’s show is titled, “The Biggest Little Christmas Party in Reno – A Sierra High Notes Concert.”  

    The Sierra High Notes is a 501.C.3 charitable corporation so all donations are tax deductible. If you are donating an item for the raffle, please make sure to get a donation receipt from us as the IRS has tightened the rules for claiming deductions.

    For more information please call 775-324-1940 or email us at

Thank you for your support