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     While we do shows in two seasons, you can join the Sierra High Notes whenever you want. You do not need to audition and you do not need to read music (but it helps!).  Truly, you can join at any time, however we won’t let you perform if you aren’t up to a certain level. That’s our Music Director’s call so don’t ask me to elaborate, except to say we won’t let anyone perform if they aren’t prepared enough.

     We are a community chorus so the only real obligations are to pay the seasonal dues and participate. Dues are $75.00 each season and they help offset administrative costs. Our seasons are August 1 to January 31 and Feb 1 to July 31. Hopefully everyone will help out at fundraising time to help keep the dues lower. If you are interested, stop by our rehearsal location on Wednesdays at 7pm. Be sure to check the calendar for the correct location! Or contact us through the website.

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  1. We have updated the notice. You can join anytime you want but there could be some simple restrictions regarding performing. As a “community choir” we believe that we must be open to all singers.

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