Well it is finally July and that means it is time for Artown. However this will not be the normal festival we have known for that past 20+ years. No, this year has been abbreviated by the Covid pandemic. Large performances and most live entertainment isn’t even allowed as the state and nation contend with the new swell of cases. So Artown will be much more in tune with the graphic arts. So to be a part of the festival, we at the Sierra High Notes have gone virtual.

We have been a part of every Artown and we didn’t want to break our streak so starting July 1 we are presenting a Virtual Performance on YouTube. We have three songs from a previous concert and the “Isolation Version” of our theme song, “We Wish You Music.” Just click and enjoy. And please share this with your friends and family because you are our best publicity. And as always:

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Wear a Mask. Observe All social distancing requirements.

Let’s be part of the solution. Together we will prevail.

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