You might have seen this on You Tube or Facebook. Singers in separate locations singing their parts and all of it put together into one video. Very ingenious way for singers and choirs to perform without being in public. Of course we all know this is because of Covid 19 and the fact that singing is perhaps the fastest way to spread a virus. The CDC has recommended that singing groups do not get together to perform or even rehearse until there is a vaccine or standardized treatment. That could take 6 months up to two years!

Well we couldn’t be left behind and because Artown is also dramatically effected too, we have begun to move into the world of video production and our first Virtual song is out. We started with our Theme song, We Wish You Music. (Click the title to watch) It was a challenge but we had fun. We are beginning our next song which should be out in about 5-6 weeks on our new You Tube page. Don’t forget to click the “Subscribe” button to find us faster and also click the bell to be notified whenever we a new song. Enjoy!

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